Alyce Paris

Alyce Paris

Alice Marie-Thérèse Hamm had unusually ambitious dreams for a young girl during wartime 1940s in a petite farming village in eastern France.  She harnessed her entrepreneurial instinct by tailoring shirts for the town’s farmers, and handmade elegant dresses for the local ladies out of her mother’s draperies (much to maman's dismay).

She soon grew restless and moved her talents to a local design school before deciding that where she really needed to be was Paris in the early 50s.  After graduating the Paris École de Coupe in 1952, Alice was ready to take on the world: she abruptly switched continents, and moved to Chicago in 1953 to design for a bridal and specialty dress manufacturer.   When Alice became a U.S. citizen, she soon changed the spelling of her name from Alice to Alyce (pronounced AH-lease) hoping that people wouldn't mispronounce her name.   Alyce became increasingly insatiable by working for other people, and thus founded her own company in 1967 after she bought out the owners, loftily telling them “you don’t need this company anymore—you have another one, plus your son doesn’t want it, anyway.” 

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Alyce Paris 60056 Dress

Two piece ballgown dress with a sleeveless sweetheart neckline crop top and open scoop back...


Alyce Paris 60057 Dress

Two piece long trumpet dress, sleeveless lace halter crop top with an open strap back...


Alyce Paris 60058 Dress

Long sleeveless trumpet dress with ruffles on the skirt, large keyhole at the bust, laced bodice, ha..


Alyce Paris 60060 Dress

Long full sleeveless gown with a halter neckline and open strappy racerback...


Alyce Paris 60061 Dress

Long Aline dress with a sleeveless halter neck laced bodice and strappy open racerback...


Alyce Paris 60062 Dress

Long sleeveless Aline dress with a front slit, v neckline, embellished bodice and strappy open back...


Alyce Paris 60063 Dress

Long two piece ball gown with a sleeveless cowl neck embellished crop top with a crossed open back...


Alyce Paris 60066 Dress

Long two piece dress with a trumpet style skirt, sleeveless scooped crop top with a scalloped trim a..


Alyce Paris 60072 Dress

Long bodycon velvet dress with a sleeveless halter top and embellished belt at the waist...


Alyce Paris 60077 Dress

Long velvet bodycon dress, strapless with a halter neckline...


Alyce Paris 60083 Dress

High-low long dress with a sleeveless strapless top with a sweetheart neckline...


Alyce Paris 60084 Dress

Strapless sleeveless sweetheart neckline high low laced dress with a corset style bodice...


Alyce Paris 60085 Dress

Sleeveless strapless high-low dress with a sweetheart neckline and corset style bodice...


Alyce Paris 60091 Dress

Long flowy dress, sleeveless with thin straps, deep v neck, layered skirt and open v back...


Alyce Paris 60092 Dress

Long flowy sleeveless dress with thin straps, deep v neckline, embellished belt at the waist, layere..


Alyce Paris 60093 Dress

Long A line style dress with a sleeveless thin strapped deep v neckline top, dress, embellished belt..


Alyce Paris 60094 Dress

Long A-line dress, sleeveless with a thin strap, v neckline with a high front slit and open strappy ..


Alyce Paris 60099 Dress

Long mermaid dress, sleeveless with a deep v neckline, layered ruffled skirt and open back...


Alyce Paris 60100 Dress

Sleeveless high-low ball gown with a halter crop top and keyhole back...


Alyce Paris 60104 Dress

Long A-line ballgown, sleeveless with a embellished halter neckline, embellished belt at the waist a..


Alyce Paris 60105 Dress

Long A-line ball gown with pockets, v neckline, sleeveless with thin straps and embellished at the w..


Alyce Paris 60112 Dress

Long ballgown with pockets, sleeveless, v neckline, thin belt at the waist and open v back...


Alyce Paris 60113 Dress

Long ballgown, sleeveless with a boat neckline and embellished belt at the waist...


Alyce Paris 60114 Dress

Sleeveless boatneck high-low dress with pockets and open v back...


Alyce Paris 60120 Dress

Long two piece dress, designed trumpet skirt with a sleeveless halter crop top and open keyhole back..


Alyce Paris 60121 Dress

Sleeveless fully embellished ballgown with pockets, v neckline and embroidered belt at the waist...


Alyce Paris 60122 Dress

Long ballgown with pockets, sleeveless, thin straps with a v neckline...


Alyce Paris 60123 Dress

Sleeveless ballgown with a deep v neckline and deep v back...


Alyce Paris 60124 Dress

Sleeveless high-low dress with a boat neckline, pockets and open v back...


Alyce Paris 60126 Dress

Long ballgown with a strapless sleeveless sweetheart neckline...


Alyce Paris 60131 Dress

Long bodycon dress, sleeveless with a high front slit, and deep v neckline...


Alyce Paris 60132 Dress

Two piece lace bodycon dress with a sleeveless halter crop top and open back...