Sparkle 71860 by DaVinci Dress
This prom gown is designed with one of the most popular styles in fashion today: A dark "hourglass" front panel with contrasting curvy sides. Dresses like these flatter your figure like nothing else, and our contrast panel flatters you with sparkle! A one-piece sheath with a solid front panel, this dress hugs your figure to below the hip. Then it flares out in a traditional fit and flare silhouette with a pretty sweep train. The contrast panel starts at the front of the shoulder then, like other contrast gowns, it traces a curve down and around the waist and ends in a point at the top of each hip. At the back, the panel closes with a delicate point at the neck. Then it opens into a wide circular keyhole that ends an inch or two above the waist. The glamorous touch is that, instead of a contrasting solid fabric, the panel on this dress is sheer. A line of beading and crystals follows the neckline, side panels, and frames the open back. More crystals combine a latticework and swirl design as an accent.

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Sparkle 71860 by DaVinci Dress

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