Sparkle 71847 by DaVinci Dress
Take one classic halter sheath, add a sheer back and sheer sides, and you've got a dress that's both suggestive and conservative! Soft jersey is styled as a classic fit and flare with an opaque halter top. While still hugging your curves, the skirt flares out below the knee just enough and is hemmed to floor length all around for easy dancing. The provocative edge to this otherwise conservative dress is the sheer cutout panels at the side as well as a totally sheer back. Curls of beading accented with jeweled flowers trace the neckband, neckline, the edges of the side panels, and frame the zipper from neckline to waist. Finishing off the trendy look, single lines of beading form a crisscross trellis pattern in between the elaborately beaded outline while one more line of decorative beading cuts across the front of the dress at the waist.

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Sparkle 71847 by DaVinci Dress

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